The "cookies"
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You will not find on our store any "cookie", only computer software and hardware
In order to be able to buy products on our online secured payment shop, your internet browser must be configured to accept session cookies (not persistent)
What is a cookie ?
A cookie is a small file which contains one or more informations.
For information the session cookie that we create only contains your order ID, nothing else
Ex: ID 20021021012457
Does the cookie stay on my computer when I leave ?
When the session is over (browser closed), the cookie is removed.
Please note that a session cookie is not writen on your disk but stay in memory
Can cookies harm my computer ?
Cookies cannot spread viruses or damage your computer in any way.
How do I set my browser to accept cookies?
Most browsers default to accept all cookies
Following are some of the more common ways to navigate to the browser menus for changing your cookie settings:

Internet Explorer 3.x
Internet Options
Advanced > Cookies
Choose accept cookies

Internet Explorer 4.x
View > Internet Options
Advanced > Cookies
Choose accept cookies

Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x
Tools > Internet Options
Security > Custom Level
Choose accept cookies

Netscape 3.x
Options > Network Preferences
Choose accept cookies

Netscape 4.x
Edition > Preferences ...
Advanced > Cookies
Choose accept cookies

Netscape 6.x
Edition > Preférences ...
Confidentiality and security > Cookies
Choose accept cookies


Google chrome

Note: When changing your cookie settings, it may be necessary to exit and re-enter your browser to see the full effect of the change(s).
What do i need to do in case of problems ?
If your browser allows cookies and you have problems (empty basket for wrong reason), we suggest you to add again your product in the basket (memory cached problem possible)
If you still have problems Email us


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